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Spring Selling Season is Back!Good news in that inventory is up, although not nearly enough to make a dent in our buyer pool, but encouraging none the less! Also in the good news category is that the number of loans in forbearance programs saw it's largest drop in six…

In a market where homes for sale are few and buyers are many.....NOW is the time to sell!

Interest rates are going slightly higher, supply still lowAccording to MarketWatch, mortgage rates have been trending higher with the 30 year going above 3% in the last two weeks. Bond yields have risen and so have mortgage rates. The big question now is how high rates can…
Are we in another housing bubble?These two questions are front and center these days. Below you can see that local prices are still strong, with low inventories continuing to be the story. As far as the question of whether we are in a housing bubble, experts are trying to…

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