Ana Connell was completely proactive, always a step ahead

Highly likely to recommend-5 Stars

05/24/2018 – vanya b9
Bought a Single Family home in 2018 in Grandview, Glendale, CA.
  • Local knowledge: 5 Stars
  • Process expertise: 5 Stars
  • Responsiveness:   5 Stars
  • Negotiation skills: 5 Stars

I have purchased and sold several houses over the years but the process has changed remarkably since the last time which was fifteen or so years ago. With all the forms and all the inspections and negotiations, it could have a very traumatic experience for me but, fortunately, I had Ana. She helped me through every step of the way because she new the process like the back of her hand. She dealt easily with everything that came up which seemed to me would be a problem … and then it wasn’t a problem any more. She was even better than responsive … she was completely proactive – always a step ahead, continually reminding me when deadlines would be coming up and making it easy for me. She negotiated a great but fair deal on the house and even gave me introductions to contractors to help with the various improvements I want to make both inside and outside the property. Whenever I asked, “Do you know a …. [fill in the blank]?”, she did and the people she recommended have all been top quality. I can honestly say that Ana is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. Anyone would be lucky to have her to help them buy or sell a house. I don’t have any attention of selling my house any time soon, but if and when that day should come, Ana is the one I will call.